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New Publication in Circulation Research

A Simplified, Langendorff-Free Method for Concomitant Isolation of Viable Cardiac Myocytes and Nonmyocytes From the Adult Mouse Heart. Ackers-Johnson M, Li PY, Holmes AP, O’Brien SM, Pavlovic D, Foo RS. Circulation Research 2016.

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Langendorff-Free Isolation and Propagation of Adult Mouse Cardiomyocytes. Ackers-Johnson M, Foo RS. Methods Mol Biol. 2019;1940:193-204.

Here, we outline a convenient, alternative approach to isolation and culture of viable myocytes and non-myocytes from the adult mouse heart, developed in our lab. The technique requires only common surgical and laboratory equipment, and involves direct needle perfusion of the left ventricle ex vivo. Viable myocyte yields and functionality are comparable to those described in established Langendorff-based protocols.

Since publication, this procedure has been reproduced and established in other labs, worldwide. We continue to collaborate and advise on implementation and troubleshooting, please get in touch!

Freshly isolated myocytes from an adult mouse heart. Scale bars, 100 µm.
Progressive remodelling of adult mouse myocytes over 3 weeks in culture. Scale bars, 100 µm.
Co-culture of cardiac myocytes (green) and fibroblasts (red) isolated from a single heart. Scale bar, 100 µm.


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