Email: Li_Zhe@gis.a-star.edu.sg

My previous research experience and expertise was built on studies on the effect of DNA modifications on DNA stability, structure and packaging amongst other miscellaneous projects. Now I have chosen to shift to the applied side of science, aiming to make contributions that can be easier translated. I am fascinated by the Foo lab projects on cell regeneration, epigenetics and chromatin architecture.

 In my free time, I love reading books, especially detective fiction. I also like watching sit-coms, animation, movies, plays and so on. I enjoy listening to music as well. Growing plants is another of my hobbies. During the weekends I like to take walks in gardens and parks, or go swimming or cook different dishes at home.


PhD – University of Cambridge, Trinity College Oct 2014 – Jan 2019

Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemistry in Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian’s lab

Research Topic: effect of naturally occurring base modifications on DNA structure and Packaging

BSc – Nanyang Technological University Aug 2009 – Jun 2013

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry)


Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JPLT) N1 Level Pass with full mark in Listening section (N1 to be the highest level and N5 to the lowest level)

Japanese Photo Essay Contest Prize (2012)



  • Synthesis
  • NGS Sequencing for unmodified and xC-modified DNA
  • Nucleotide analysis
  • Structure determination
  • Thermal stability study


  • Expression and Purification
  • Structure determination
  • Dot Blot and Western Blot


  • Assembly mediated by various chaperones
  • Property characterization
  • Identification of interacting proteins

Cell Culture

  • Culture HEK and HeLa cells
  • Gene delivery through Lentivirus
  • Cell lysate preparation for downstream application


  • PyMOL for structure visualizatio
  • Microsoft Office, Origin and Prism
  • Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator
  • Chemdraw
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