Matt Ackers-Johnson

Post-Doc Fellow


My interests lie in how the cells in our heart talk to each other, and how a deeper understanding of this process can lead to new strategies for tackling the burden of cardiovascular disease. Since joining the Foo Lab, this pursuit has led to the development of several methods for cellular dissociation of the heart, with a goal of isolating pure populations for individual and co-culture studies. The first of these can be found here.

I continue to collaborate and offer advice to labs worldwide on techniques for cardiomyocyte isolation, please do get in touch with any questions or comments.

More recently, together with colleagues, I have adopted single cell RNA sequencing as a technique to investigate cellular diversity and communication in the adult mammalian heart. More on that, here.

Current research directions focus on the signalling interplays between resident cardiac cells, and infiltrating inflammatory cells, following insults such as ischaemic injury. 

I have earned the lab nickname of “Owl”, make of that what you will. But really, when I’m not in lab, chances are you’ll find me relaxing somewhere sunny, and sandy.


Cardiomyocyte Isolation
Cardiac cell culture
Single cell sequencing
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